Admiralty, Shipping & Maritime Laws

Subhojit Roy, Advocate, is particularly acclaimed for his experience in maritime litigation and drafting of shipping documents in Kolkata, Orissa, Cuttack, Mumbai. His area of expertise includes –

  1. Arrest of ships for enforcement of maritime claim or lien;
  2. Damage caused to ship including contact, collision and perils of sea;
  3. Release of ships from arrest or attachment;
  4. Cargo disputes, P&I survey and loss in transit / short landing;
  5. Note of Protest by Master;
  6. Bill of Lading disputes; enforcement of contract of carriage
  7. Cargo lien, ship-owners’ action for unpaid freight or demuurage, disputes on delivery;
  8. Issues - contentious or procedural - under Customs Act, 1962;
  9. Issues under Major Port Trusts Act, 1963, Rules and Bye-Laws framed by individual Ports, disputes on storage and services within Port premises, controversies relating to use of Port facilities;
  10. Container related claims and disputes - Demurrage, detention, misappropriation, theft or damage to containers; legal disputes relating to hire and use of containers;
  11. Chartering of ships or slots in ships;
  12. Drafting of Charter Party documents, Fixture Note/Recap, dealing with Charter Party disputes, arbitration from Charter Party or conditions for carriage, non-payment of charter hire, enforcing security and claims;
  13. Enforcing and defending maritime actions arising from The Admiralty (Jurisdiction and Settlement of Maritime Claims) Act, 2017;
  14. Sale of ships by Court process;
  15. Legal issues relating to crew, compensation and conditions of service relating to ships and Coastal vessel;
  16. Claims for handling, stevedoring and placement of cargo;
  17. Advising cargo interests;
  18. Salvage and limitation of liability;
  19. Enforcement and Defence in marine insurance claims.